Temple Run Online Game

temple run online gameIt is now possible to play the real Temple Run Game on either your PC or Mac computer, please read on for instructions on how to do this.

The Temple Run game is a very popular and fun action based game developed by Imangi Studios. This clever game has been set up to focus on a number of inquisitive explorers who are all involved in an plan to try to steal an rather special idol that is said to be located in a temple, located deep in a huge and relatively unexplored jungle. The hunt for the idol itself is made a lot tougher with the advent of a large bunch of crazed monkeys who are intent on thwarting any efforts for the explorers to become successful in their quest. To escape the monkeys the player must embark on a run, hence the name "Temple Run".

The in game characters that are made available to the player are-

  • Guy Dangerous (Indiana Jones type explorer)
  • Scarlett Fox, an intrepid female explorer
  • Montana Smith, a famous archaeologist
  • Barry Bones, a policeman
  • Francisco Montoya, a Spanish explorer
  • Zack Wonder, a soccer star
  • Karma Lee, the Far Eastern explorer

The characters themselves actually have the same abilities they just are have different physical appearance. Temple Run is classified as an endless runner, meaning that there is no actual winning post to get to and they are not actually any levels in the game. Players must try to run as far as they can and do their best to avoid any obstacles that come in their way. To do this players can either jump up, duck down, or switch direction. Players run distance is calculated in meters, starting from the actual temple itself. Coins should also be collected on your route, though this is easier than it sounds as there are a number of pesky monkeys that keep hot on your tail! The actual coins themselves are often found to look like yellow diamonds, but it is also possible to get red (2 points) or blue (3 points in value) colour. Other bonus items can be located and picked up on any players temple run.

Offical Temple Run Game Trailer

The Game Power-ups

The aforementioned coins that the game player accumulates can then be spent in the game store. Players are able to buy various upgrades to the main bonuses found during the games run, plus some "perks", new characters, and fun wallpapers. The upgraded bonuses can be listed as-

  • A mega Coin - 150 coin worth
  • Character Invisibility - which lasts for 30 seconds
  • Running Boost - for up to 750 meters
  • Special Coin Magnet (Providing 3 x normal coin value)
  • A number of 2 point coins which begin at 1000 meters
  • A number of 3 point coins which begin at 2000 meters

Game Objectives

In this game the most important objective is to stay alive, but it is also necessary to get points and pick up as many coins as possible. Points are gained for the time spent alive. These points can then be used to unlock more game objectives.

Where To Download The Game

The game can be downloaded for free from either the App Store direct onto your iOS Device and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Requires iOS 3.0 or later).

You may also download it direct from Google Play onto your Android based mobile phone, please note that the game requires and android version which is 2.1 and up.


How To Play The Game On Your PC or Mac Computer

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Temple Run On Samsung Galxy Ace! (HVGA Download Link)

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Temple run: brave ipod touch 4g (game play)

Temple run: brave ipod touch 4g (game play)

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