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Running Games

Bear Hunter 3D

Operate through the stunning countryside and avoid all hurdles. Shoot bears to improve your multiplier. If you enjoy Train Surfers and other limitless run games you'll like this 1.
• Endless running game
• Collect coins
• Shoot bears
• Jump more than, roll below or move around to avoid different kinds of hurdles. press Up or W to leap more than hurdles
press Down or S to slide below fallen trees
press Correct or D to move right
press Still left or A to move still left
press 1 to shoot towards still left lane
press 2 to shoot towards still left lane
press three to shoot towards still left lane

Run 2

A game about running, leaping, ignoring particular legal guidelines of physics, and trying on roller skates.
Correct and left keys to move, area to leap, p to pause. Contact a wall to rotate the degree.
Controls can be altered by clicking “controls” in the main menu.

Cat God vs Sun King

You are Cat God! Using various God Powers, prevent the Sunlight King’s minions from finishing the Temple.
Click to deploy/switch powers. You can also use hotkeys one-6 to change powers.

Wigman Big Run

Operate, leap, fly, eat food, acquire weight and crush everything on your path.
Journey through the globe to find a biggest fridge. Here you can find numerous updates , bonuses and Enjoyable!
press spacebar or click anywhere to fly and avoid obstacles
esc- pause the game


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